The Wee Trio

Capitol Diner Vol. I



“The Wee Trio often veers from the expected…questioning the rules of jazz orthodoxy. They keep the music substantive and riddled with direction surprises. Definitely a group to watch. ” – Peter Margasak Downbeat
The Boston Globe

“a winning debut”  “as true to the jazz tradition as it is to their freewheeling tastes.” – Siddhartha Mitter The Boston Globe read full article here

San Francisco Chronicle

“The Wee Trio consists of jazzmen who grew up on rock ‘n’ roll and aren’t afraid to play it.With James Westfall’s vibes in the forefront, the group has a fresh sound, and bassist Dan Loomis and drummer Jared Schonig flow like the tides. Wee’s sound is not wee, it’s huge ” – San Francisco Chronicle

The Patriot Ledger

“One of the year’s most riveting albums . . .” – Jay Miller The Patriot Ledger

The Philly Daily News

“The Wee Trio have found a unique slant, not only in their vibes/bass/drums instrumentation but in their lyrical songwriting and flowing interaction.” Shaun Brady The Philly Daily News

New Orleans Times-Picayunne

“an immediate musical simpatico” – Keith Spera Times Picayunne

The Boston Herald

“Bulging with even more muscular jazz chops than the Bad Plus but displaying more earthbound taste than the late, lamented E.S.T., the Brooklyn-based Wee Trio makes a larger than wee splash on its debut.” – Kevin R. Convey The Boston Herald

All About Jazz

“’Lightning in a bottle’” is an excellent metaphor for The Wee Trio’s Capitol Diner Vol. 1, given how the music crackles like high-tension wires in a rainstorm.”  “grabs the listener by the lapels and yanks-hard.” – J Hunter All About Jazz

All About Jazz (2nd Review)

James Westfall, Dan Loomis, and Jared Schonig play with fervent audacity, stretching the kinetic limits of their respective instruments. – Troy Collins All About Jazz


“Joining the Bad Plus, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey and the Leviathan Brothers on the national scene, Brooklyn’s The Wee Trio are stirring up jazz you don’t have to be old to enjoy, bring a teen.” – Greg Burk

“The Wee Trio is capable of a full, powerful sound, streams of furiously articulated lines and fills. This is a jazz trio that just wants to rock.” – Jacob Teichroew

“Intriguing combination of which to my knowledge there’s no peer in jazz, or any other kind of music”  “The Trio traverses over jazz, pop, grunge, and anything else that gives them a vehicle for pursuing richly intense, vibe-led, acoustic trio music. The Wee Trio is already one vibe trio that’s a force to be reckoned with.” – Nick Deriso

The Saratogian

“The trio puts forth a compelling case that they are the ambassadors of the genre’s future.” – The Saratogian

The Buffalo News

“”How exciting, you might ask, can a vibes/bass/drum trio be? Well listen to these three and you’ll find out.” – Jeff Simon The Buffalo News

Hartford Courant

“largely entertaining” – Richard Camins Hartford Courant

Midwest Record

“Mixing their jazz outlook with their punk ethos and some Zappa undertones, they craft a nice set of punchy new jazz. With an eye and ear for the offbeat, this crew has a knack for turning life’s lemons into musical lemonade.” – Chris Spector Midwest Record

O’s Place – Jazz Newsletter

“They strike a good balance swinging on ‘We See’, adding bebop on ‘Pisces’, and mesmerizing us with tunes like ‘There Is No Greater Love’ and ‘Satyagraha’ ” – D. Oscar Groomes O’s Place Jazz Newsletter