The Wee Trio

Capitol Diner Vol. II

Jazz Times

“Refreshing…no one-note jam band…intelligent, highly interactive tracks“ – JazzTimes

All About Jazz

“These players share a marvelous sense of artistry, where everything they do shines with purpose and precision”” J Hunter All About Jazz

Hot House

“The Wee Trio is an energetic group…this album reveals a band that is onto something, and I like where this is going.” – David Hill Hot House

All About Jazz

“The Wee’s got its own potent flavor, one that combines a heady blend of modernly attuned composition and robust trio symmetry…Capitol Diner Vol. 2 Animal Style is a breath of fresh air from an exciting group.” – Mark F. Turner All About Jazz

The Philadelphia Daily News

“…another helping of inventive, indie rock-flavored jazz.” – The Philadelphia Daily News

Something Else!

“Irresistible and fresh…Rooted in jazz but ferociously branching out into the more primitive ethos of rock.” – Victor Aaron Something Else!

Step Tempest – Richard Kamins

“They compose to each other’s strengths, the deep, rich, sonorities of Loomis’s bass, the hard drive and propulsive quality of Schonig’s drums and Westfall’s melodic flair. “Animal Style” shows The Wee Trio has grown since its debut and there is still room for more.” – Richard Kamins Step Tempest

Sun Gazette

“The band is pretty hard-hitting in the sense that’s it’s a really energetic, dynamic group” – Matthew Parrish The Sun Gazette