The Wee Trio

Live At The Bistro

Wee Live Cover

Live At The Bistro
2013/Bionic Records

“If live albums are where a group gets to show what it’s really made of, this one should be considered a ringing success. Live At The Bistro makes me want to see them in person.” – DownBeat Magazine (four stars)

“As the Wee Trio, vibraphonist James Westfall, bassist Dan Loomis, and drummer Jared Schonig balance the rock ‘n’ roll attitude of the Bad Plus with the capricious classicism of the Modern Jazz Quartet—they somehow evoke both John Lewis and Ethan Iverson without even so much as a piano.” – Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal

“The Wee Trio Live at the Bistro is bountiful in talent and big in sound.” – Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat

“On their recently released fourth album, they display edgy infectious energy, eliciting the kinds of audience responses more prevalent at rock shows than comparatively staid jazz concerts . . . a more wholesome sum than each part . . . ” – Tom Greenland, The New York City Jazz Record

“The Wee Trio are part of a new breed that doesn’t just serve up solos over the chord changes, but . . . deploys fresh-sounding arrangements that suggest the creation of structural shapes on the fly.” – Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader

“As impressive as The Wee Trio’s first 3 CDs are, “Live at The Bistro” really displays their strengths in the best light. This is a group one needs to see and hear in person. Find this recording then go find the band – you will not regret one minute! The music is irrepressible and irresistible.” – Richard Kamins, Step Tempest

“The trio works as a complete team, and uses a repertoire that ranges from Tin Pan Alley to standards to modern rock, and make it all work like a seamless tapestry.” – JazzWeekly

“These guys are confident, polished and energetic. There is nothing ‘wee’ about their sound!” – O’s Place Jazz Magazine

“The Wee Trio represents the highly creative groups pushing jazz and improvised music in exciting and innovative directions.” – WICN 90.5 FM – Jazz for New England



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