The Wee Trio

Wee + 3


WEE + 3
2016/Bionic Records


“In recent years the Wee Trio have applied the concision and melodic impact of pop music to small-group jazz . . . On the new Wee + 3 (Bionic) they take a step back toward their jazz roots, engaging in collaborations with pianist Fabian Almazán, trumpeter Nicholas Payton, and guitarist Nir Felder, each of whom plays on three tracks apiece, conveying an easy rapport with the trio.” – Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader


“Wee + 3 holds many provocative moments, though even at its most intense the music remains accessible. Talent will do that. The name the Wee Trio might sound diminutive but the musicianship is giant.” – Geraldine Wyckoff, OffBeat Magazine


“The Trio tells stories of impressive depth through jazz; it is the most narrative an album could get without having words”.  – Carrie Booher, WWOZ New Orleans 90.7 FM (New Music Spotlight)


“The Wee Trio is the kind of band that undermines conventional expectations of what a jazz group is, besides being outstanding musicians . . . one of the few jazz bands that started out with as much love for Nirvana as Monk.” – Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee


“The guests fit the Wee Trio hand-in- glove each time they appear on the new recording . . . [and] the Wee Trio draws on its substantial repertoire as a trio.” – Jay Harvey, Upstage


“The Wee Trio performs jazz with a fresh energy with their trifecta of vibraphone, bass, and drums. Their first release Capitol Diner, Vol 1 received international acclaim and was named as one of the top ten albums of the year by the San Francisco Chronicle. Their latest album Wee + 3 is out [now]” –