The Wee Trio

Ashes to Ashes

Audiophile Audition

“an investigative vehicle which shakes with energy . . . inventive jazz which works on its ownmerits while retaining Bowie’s spirit and self- assurance..” – Doug Simpson Audiophile Audition read full article here


Boston Globe

” . . . infectious . . . raucous . . . More, please.”. – Steve Greenlee Boston Globe read full article here



“The trio approaches Bowie’s catalogue with seriousness; unlike some tracks by jazz-band-on-rock the Bad Plus, there’s no sense that the Wee Trio’s riding the novelty of the enterprise” – Alex Rawls Offbeat read full article here


Digital Jazz News

“The Future of Modern Jazz! ”  Critical Jazz read full article here



“The members of the Wee Trio are chameleons in every sense of the word. Like the subject of their latest venture, Ashes to Ashes: A David Bowie Intraspective, the trio’s ability to shapeshift musically, and adapt to an arsenal of individual influences, is what helped group blend sosuccinctly . . .”


Time Out Chicago

“pop hits with postbop aplomb.”



“A sonic playground that’s grounded with dazzling teamplay . . . manically fun”


The Sante Fe New Mexican – Pasatiempo

” . . . what a fun trip it is. The Wee Trio’s work here is nothing, if not engaging.”

“Indeed, a hugely entertaining album encompassing an uncanny mix of Bowie’s pop sensibilities with upbeat progressive jazz stylizations and adroitly executed dialogues.”


The Patriot Ledger

“Even among the inventive ranks of jazz musicians, the Wee Trio is a group of iconoclasts. The trio loves to play a style of music with bigger dynamics than most rock, more groove than a lot of modern soul, and certainly more excitement and accessibility than a lot of contemporary jazz . . .The Wee Trio’s music moves and grooves, thunders and crashes, and caresses delicate
nuances of melody too.”


State of Mind

“Ashes to Ashes is the best kind of tribute disc: Rooted in respect, fueled by inspiration, and allowing the tribute-makers to put their own indelible mark on the music”


The Democrat and Chronicle

“The music makes a wonderful jumping-off point for these inventive musicians . . . a take-no-prisoners romp“



” . . . some thrilling directions. Nifty recording, and one I hope that inspires other jazz outfits to do the same.”


Straight No Chaser 

“For immediate enjoyment, check out The Wee Trio’s new release Ashes to Ashes – A David Bowie Intraspective . . . an enjoyable piece of work from a talented up and coming trio.”


The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Moments of majesty”


The Indianapolis Star

“Exquisite interpretations of the familiar-sounding but otherworldly Bowie compositions.”


The Chicago Reader

“tension and interest with an unpredictable flow—a kind of hot-potato game in which the members take center stage by turns, constantly shifting the intensity and density and taking the occasional succinct solo. The familiarity of the melodies makes it easy to hear how inventively the group transforms the songs”


Step Tempest

“Even if you are not a fan of David Bowie’s music, The Wee Trio’s exuberance and intelligent arrangements should please fans of creative music.  Plus, the group really knows how to ‘rock out!”


The San Antonio Express News

“the Wee Trio’s third album, ‘Ashes to Ashes: A David Bowie Intraspective’ (Bionic Records), will simply knock you out. It’s rare when an experimental jazz record makes one smile this much.”

“a big, bright persona. They stay true to the Bowie tunes (including the glam-rock
chameleon’s “Battle For Britain” and “1984”). But they find melodic grist for improvisation within them, proving that stripped of their wilder trappings, these remnants of Ziggy’s Stardust actually have plenty of tuneful charm.”


Something Else!

“confidently, memorably, brilliantly exploratory – both familiar and something that stands all on its own”