The Wee Trio

The Wee Trio in Rochester

We have just come back from playing two nights at the Rochester Jazz Festival. We had a blast at these performances and wanted to thank everyone involved in the festival (including the audience) for making this a great production. If you weren’t able to be apart of the experience wee have some visual goodies below that will hopefully capture our 2 day tenure!

Jazz Fest, Day 8: Ron reviews The Wee Trio – Ron Netsky

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.01.31 PMI ended the night with The Wee Trio at the Little Theatre. The most striking thing about the group was the simpatico between the three members. While many groups come across as a collection of disparate musicians, these guys played as one. That might be because of mutual respect; all three are phenomenal players. James Westfall was the latest in a series of top vibraphone players at this year’s festival, Dan Loomis took great bass solos, and Jared Schonig saved his showcase solo till the end. All three provided excellent compositions, but the band was best on Ray Noble’s classic, “Cherokee.”



Photos by March Chamberlin

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Live Interview with Derrick Lucas – Jazz 90.1